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Swan Speaker Systems

Swan Speakers 2.6HIf you are a person who is especially interested in high-fidelity sound reproduction or someone who is commonly referred to as an audiophile, then Swan Speakers Systems are just what you have been looking for. These high-end speaker systems by HiVi offer the ultimate experience for the discreet listener.

HiVi is a world renowned speaker manufacturer with almost two decades experience in the high end audio industry. HiVi's origins began in high end loudspeaker driver manufacturing in the early 1990’s but have since grown to encompass the following product categories: Home Theater, High End Audio, Multimedia Systems, Custom Installation, Professional Audio, Car Audio and Loudspeaker Drivers.

HiVi is the owner of internationally acclaimed loudspeaker brand Swan Speaker Systems since 1997 and has retained its original founder Frank Hale as Chief Design Engineer. Today HiVi’s design and engineering is still done in California, USA where it has maintained it’s head offices for the past decade.

HiVi’s core goal is to create a better quality of life through music and theater: seamlessly integrating high definition music and sound into every aspect of daily life.

You can purchase Swan Speaker Systems at our retail showroom in Tampa or you can visit our online store and have them shipped FREE directly to your home.

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